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Healthy Essence is based around clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. I want to show people that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, too expensive or difficult to pull together. I have created a range of recipes based on foods and ingredients which I love (And I’m hoping you love them too) . All recipes are gluten and dairy free, unless otherwise stated.

My recipes are easy and quick to make and designed around family living so give it a try :). Get the kids involved in cooking too and you will find their interest in eating healthy food naturally grows from their admiration of cooking it.

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Who doesn't love a good no bake chocolate brownie whipped up in 10 minutes, loaded with fibre & full of antioxidants? A pretty good sell if you ask me! You will need a processor for this so if you haven't invested in a good one yet and enjoy a good raw treat I recommend keeping your eyes peel [..]


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Food is becoming a far more important part of our days and we are focusing more on what we out into


Shout out to all the parents out there....... I need your help!

As I was driving along today I heard on the radio that it has now become mandatory for school unifor