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Shout out to all the parents out there……. I need your help!

As I was driving along today I heard on the radio that it has now become mandatory for school uniforms to be made in a size 34 as one in every four children is classified as obese in Australia. If we take this in terms of a standard class room size of 30 students we would have 7.5 children classified as obese in one classroom and I want to know why is this?? We live in an educated country with amazing fresh produce and the best weather around to promote outdoor activities so where as a society are we going wrong?

Now before I am taken in the wrong way I don’t want the term obesity to be taken wrong- we are all different sizes (and shapes and if we weren’t.. how boring would the world be!) but for a national statistic to be released stating these figures does worry me and makes me think what do we classify as healthy foods for children? We can walk down the supermarket aisles and see heaps of health food products advertised but are you taken the time to look at the ingredients list and see what is actually in your food? If an ingredient list is longer than your arm and you can pronounce the words my advice is- put it down and run. Go to the fresh fruit and veggie aisle and pick up some real food!

Society is becoming busier and parents are flooded with work, home life, after school activities and all the other things that go with being a busy aren’t but I want to know whats in your fridge??..




New Year…. Same you!

I love a good new year as next as the next person and planning resolutions is always good as the intent to stick to them and let’s be honest.. if they last more than 8 days we are high fiving ourselves and rewarding ourselves with a bar of chocolate!

Like any woman I always aim to improve my diet and try take things out of it however this year try making small resolutions and monthly challenges that you can achieve, work on adding things to your day as oppose to taking them out.  Some easy painless changes you can make to your diet:

  • Replace white bread with a wholemeal or spelt bread
  • Replace sugar with a locally sourced honey or rice malt syrup (available in all large supermarkets in the health section)
  • Replace your milky coffee with a black coffee
  • Replace milk chocolate with a good quality dark chocolate
  • Replace fruit flavoured yoghurts with a natural greek yoghurt and add in some fresh fruits
  • Replace crisps with some air popped popcorn
  • Replace shop bought juice with fruit infused water

These are all super easy steps, totally achievable and you will keep the benefits, get your family involved too!

My monthly challenge for Jan is- no alcohol (this should be easily achieved but I do love a glass of red with dinner!) and to no meat. I never used to eat meat but started out of convenience really- silly thing to say I know but true! So I’m going to challenge myself to a month without it and I’m excited. It will push me to try new recipes, add colour to my diet & look at new sourced of protein which I can build into the vegetarian diet. All pics and tips will be shared on my Instagram so if you’re looking for any Inso check it out and if you have any tips please do share!

Now that we have covered food lets look at fitness for 2018… Is 2018 your year to get fit?? If you have promised yourself this in the past and failed..? All I can advise is to find something you enjoy doing so that exercise becomes more of a fun activity than a chore. Find a friend who will do it with you as it is so much easier when you have someone to train with and you will push each other to achieving your common goal. I am boxing at the min and loving it, there is a few of us who go, we enjoy grabbing a swim or a coffee after and it’s a great social activity! By the time I have a coffee in hand I’ve forgotten that we worked out!! Schedule your training sessions into your week and make it part of your normal weekly routine. If you can get up on time to make it to work.. you can get up to smash out 40 minutes of training!

Work on your goals weekly, if you fall of the bandwagon take a step back and jump back on and most importantly…. before you quit remember why you started!  (we can thank my Adidas sports leggings for that quote!)

silly season

Keeping healthy this silly season!

The silly season is here & no doubt you have a heap of parties, dinners & social events to attend so some easy tips to keep you on track:

  1. Choose your food wisely- when out for meals avoid fat heavy meals such as deep fat fried meals & creamy meals. There will always be a lighter option available on a menu so be savy. I’m not saying avoid them all together but if you’re out a few times a week it is EASY to loose the run of yourself (believe me I know!).
  2. Choose clear liquids- I’d like to say avoid alcohol all together but lets be realistic, it is Christmas & we deserve to celebrate! Choosing clear spirits such as vodka, soda & fresh lime make it easier for your liver to break down the alcohol, are a low sugar option and hopefully will keep your head feeling a little lighter the next morning. But remember– everything in moderation!
  3. Keep hydrated- set yourself a challenge of drinking 2litres of water a day & stick to it. This will keep you hydrated, allow any hunger to subside slightly & will assist in keeping your skin hydrated! If you have had a few drinks always make a habit of having a large glass of water before jumping into bed!
  4. Find a friend to train, jog or walk with- Grab a friend & schedule a gym session, jog or walk. A great opportunity to catch up on the gossip from the night before & you’ll feel a hell of alot better after.
  5. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail- have some fresh fruits, veggies, dips & snacks in the house. Having healthy snacks at hand will save you from reaching for the huge box of celebrations chocolates on the kitchen table! My favourite snacks to have at hand are bliss balls, crackers, hummus, bananas & boiled eggs. All super easy to whip up!

And most importantly- stay safe this silly season & have fun!

bullet proof coffee

My morning coffee…

I was never huge on coffee but have recently grown to LOVE it, I know the jury is out as to whether it is healthy for you or not but look.. if it works for you I reckon.. go for it! I have recently started having a version of the bullet proof coffee. I simply make a long black, pop in a teaspoon of coconut oil and add a dash of raw honey for sweetness, pop in a blender and blitz. You end up with a foamy coffee which has a hint of coconut too it… delicious right! The traditional bullet proof coffee is with ghee and brain octane oil- a triglyceride oil which is 6 times stronger than coconut oil but I always have coconut oil in the cupboard so just use a cold pressed organic one in place.

Now you may be sitting there thinking why would someone put oil in their coffee and this is a fair question but ‘don’t diss is it ’til you try it’. 

It will:

  • boost your metabolism, in turn giving you more energy and aiding fat burn (winning!)
  • increase brain function- the bioflavins in coffee can speed up brain function and make you more alert.
  • lasting energy- the slow release of caffeine and combination of coconut oil into the body will supply you with a slow release of energy to the body and brain. Allowing you to stay fuller for longer, more alert and.. overall be a more pleasant human to be around!

So if you do enjoy your morning flat white- ditch it and give this a go!


Summer is coming.. surprise!

Do you ever have that morning when you wake up the sun is shining in your window and you realise.. oh no bikini season is almost here! I imagine every girl does.. then freaks out a little (which I have just done) and jumps straight into the gym! Well relax.. it comes every year and you do the same thing each summer no doubt so.. take a few deep breathes, tell yourself you look great and start as you mean to go on!

Some quick and easy things I have started doing is:

  • carry around a 3ltr bottle of water and make sure you drink it all in one day
  • having a bullet proof coffee each morning, a long black with a tsp of coconut oil blended. This has given me some serious morning energy and I am loving it!
  • snacks- I don’t go anywhere with out some snacks- my go-to’s are protein balls, fruit, veggie sticks!
  • plan your gym schedule and stick to it! I am a divil for aiming to please others and end up changing my own plans in place so I have decided to put a regime in place and stick to it. Other plans can be built around it.
  • avoid alcohol- we all know we should do this but for a busy working adult.. sometimes we just ‘need’ that wine! I’m not going to say avoid it all together but give it a miss on school nights and just enjoy a glass or two over the weekend.. instead of the bottle!
  • sleep- sleep is such an important element to our day which we tend to side step. I am a nightmare without sleep so it’s vital I get my 8 hours in for the sake of those around me and it’s important for you too. Allow your body time to shut off, catch up and relax. To help this- leave the laptop outside the bedroom, turn off net flicks at a certain time- do not allow for the ‘one more episode’ excuse, switch your phone to airplane mode when your in bed and put it to the side.
  • don’t be too hard on yourself. We are all our own worst critics so try giving yourself a little bit of praise every now and then. If you fall off the bandwagon- just get back on it! It’s that easy..!


booty quote

20 min bum & tum

Summer is only around the corner here in Perth and we all know…. summer bodies are made in winter!

This is a quick 20 min bum & tum workout I’ll be doing 3 times a week while watching something on the box. You don’t need any equipment so pop the TV on and let’s go!

Repeat each round 3 times:

Bum- round 1

20 x squats

15 x squat pulses

30 sec squat hold

Bum- round 2

Repeat each side 3 times in table top position on the floor.

20 x straight leg raises

20 x donkey kicks

20 x leg pulses

Tum- round 3

20 x sit ups

20 x leg raises

20 x bicycle crunches

Let’s do this together……Get this done at least 2 times a week and firm up that booty for summer <3.


Keeping healthy while travelling….

I love travelling and everything that comes with it but we all know… when you’re out of your routine it’s easy to allow your health goals to slide.  I was just speaking to my sister today who is travelling a lot with work at the moment and she asked me for some easy tips to keep her on track so here are some of my top tips for travelling with work:

  1. Hydrate- bring a 2lt re-usable bottle of water with you. Ask them to fill it on the plane for you and sip on it as you fly. Now you have your water bottle measure for each day while your away. Fill it up each morning and get through your 2lt.
  2. Travel with snacks- many national flights allow you to take snack on them so for long haul flights, take some treats. I like to take some bliss balls, hummus & crackers or veggie sushi. Make your own and know what’s in your food. This will help you avoid reaching for the plane food option!
  3. While away- take 30 minutes a day to you. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you need to do a hotel workout, grab a walk or have a morning stretch. It is a great start to the day and will leave you feeling energised and ready for a productive day ahead! I have some workouts posted on here so have a look if you need some Inspo.
  4. Take snacks to the office with you. I’ve been to many a meeting where they have snacks which consist of croissants, muffins, cookies and sweet treats. If you want to avoid reaching for these come prepared and have some snacks with you- try a fruit salad, protein balls, yoghurt and granola! remembering you also have 2ltr of water to get through today!
  5. Research some local cafes and restaurants. Know what options you have around you and plan your meals in advance. I was recently on a business trip myself and found a great local cafe with healthy breakfast and take away options so I had a good breakfast and a lunch to take to the office with me! I loved it so highly recommend it.
  6. Alcohol- often on business trips we end up out for dinners, sipping wine with colleagues but if you have a goal and want to stay on track. Try avoiding wine altogether or opt for one glass of red and get a water with it so you can sip on both while keeping conversation flowing.
  7. Have fun- work hard and take some time to see some local hot spots!
sleep tea

Sleep… there is nothing worse than getting none!!

The last week has been a busy one so turning my brain off and sleeping was a difficult thing to do but we all know.. a bad nights sleep doesn’t help anyone… we end up narky with those around us, the smallest little issues become inflated, you have dull skin and over all…. there is a little demon that comes out! (of me anyway- haha!). So some easy things I done to try switch off and relax are:

  • Breathe! This sounds easy but if you actually focus on breathing, take a step back from a situation and take 5 few deep breathes- you will feel more light hearted. Try it now!
  • Lavender- I love lavender oil- pop a few drops on your pillow, have a hot bath with a few drop in it or add a few drops to your body moisturiser as a natural relaxation aid.
  • Magnesium tablets before bed- Magnesium should be at hand for everyone,  I take mine before bed which also assists in muscle repair throughout the night so if you’re sore from a workout, magnesium is a great go to and also a natural relaxant!
  • Sleepy time tea– I am a little tea obsessed- I actually need to work on drinking less herbal tea! But I did buy ‘Twinings sleepy tea’ this week which is a camomile, orange blossom and honey based tea- delicious. Extremely soothing and its always nice to have the comfort of a warm cuppa before bed!
  • Exercise- when you’re in a stressful situation it’s easy to immerse yourself in that and focus solely on that instead of stepping back, looking at the issue from the outside and finding your own coping mechanisms. For me.. exercise is my go to! A good workout gets the muscles moving, releases endorphins, will make you feel better and if your part of a group activity- you’re guaranteed a giggle or two! And… it also tires you out a little so hopefully you slump into bed and get the sleep you need.

These were some easy- go to’s for me but if you have any tips do share.. happy sleeping zzzzzzz!

<3 Lucy xx


Bum & Tum..

I don’t know about you but I love a good quick bum and tum hit! As I am travelling I have been trying to squeeze a quick session in daily- there is no excuses really as I have no solid plans with my days, this break is based around relaxing, reading books and.. enjoying a week of sunshine! That being said, I was feeling super fit before my break and it is SO easy to let that slide so these quick workouts are helping.. I hope. I’ll find out when I get back to the gym next week :P.

Now bum and tum- two essential bikini body parts, using a towel as a mat, switch the air con on, grab a water, stick some music on, get your phone ready for a stopwatch and lets go.

Bum, in a table top position lets do the following for 3 rounds:

20 x donkey kicks

20 x straight leg raises

20 x circles to the left

20 x circles to the right

Stretch out in childs pose and repeat..


20 x full sit ups

40 second V sit

40 second plank

40 x second side plank to the left, 40 x seconds to the right

30 second rest and lets go again for 2 more rounds…

Take a stretch, have a shower and.. hit the beach <3


Travelling & working out… easier said than done!

I am currently travelling and while doing so attempting some quick 20 minute bedroom workouts to keep me someway on track and help burn off all the cocktails I have drank!! While on holidays and all that… :). So if you’re on the move with work or leisure here is a quick 20 minute full body workout you can easily do- it will only take 20 minutes out of your day and mind over matter… you can do this!!

Turn the music on full blast, grab a towel & grab a water.. lets go! 

Round 1, complete each round 3 times:

20 x squats

20 x single leg lunges

10 x squat jumps

Round 2, complete each round 3 times:

12 x press ups (on your toes if you can)

12 x tricep dips, using the side of your bed or a chair

20 x arm pulses each way, holding your arms straight out to your side, at shoulder height and pulsing

1 minute hold- hold. your arms out straight from your shoulders to your side for 60 seconds.

Round 3, complete each round 3 times: 

20 x full sit ups

20 x leg raises

1 minute plank

This is a quick full body hit, I’ll post an arms and abs one shortly. Bearing in mind I am not a fitness professional! Just into a healthy lifestyle and figured this may help if you’re struggling while travelling so if you have any injuries or tender areas you know won’t work with the above workout modify it for your needs :).

<3 Lucy xx