20 min bum & tum

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20 min bum & tum

Summer is only around the corner here in Perth and we all know…. summer bodies are made in winter!

This is a quick 20 min bum & tum workout I’ll be doing 3 times a week while watching something on the box. You don’t need any equipment so pop the TV on and let’s go!

Repeat each round 3 times:

Bum- round 1

20 x squats

15 x squat pulses

30 sec squat hold

Bum- round 2

Repeat each side 3 times in table top position on the floor.

20 x straight leg raises

20 x donkey kicks

20 x leg pulses

Tum- round 3

20 x sit ups

20 x leg raises

20 x bicycle crunches

Let’s do this together……Get this done at least 2 times a week and firm up that booty for summer <3.

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