Bum & Tum..


Bum & Tum..

I don’t know about you but I love a good quick bum and tum hit! As I am travelling I have been trying to squeeze a quick session in daily- there is no excuses really as I have no solid plans with my days, this break is based around relaxing, reading books and.. enjoying a week of sunshine! That being said, I was feeling super fit before my break and it is SO easy to let that slide so these quick workouts are helping.. I hope. I’ll find out when I get back to the gym next week :P.

Now bum and tum- two essential bikini body parts, using a towel as a mat, switch the air con on, grab a water, stick some music on, get your phone ready for a stopwatch and lets go.

Bum, in a table top position lets do the following for 3 rounds:

20 x donkey kicks

20 x straight leg raises

20 x circles to the left

20 x circles to the right

Stretch out in childs pose and repeat..


20 x full sit ups

40 second V sit

40 second plank

40 x second side plank to the left, 40 x seconds to the right

30 second rest and lets go again for 2 more rounds…

Take a stretch, have a shower and.. hit the beach <3

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