Join the MAS.. :)


Join the MAS.. :)

Mutual admiration society!

My group of friends are the kind of people who walk into a room and instantly compliment each other. Don’t take the word instantly as a half hearted compliment- I mean we genuinely compliment each other and mean what we say. Whether it be- ‘you look great today’, ‘god your eyebrows are looking great’, ‘your hair is fab’… so on and so forth! As we do it we always have a giggle and say we are like a ‘mutual admiration society’ and you know what.. we are and I love it! We should all take some time out of our day to stop- look at other people and admire them.
We are often so busy rushing places, walking with our heads in our phones or taking pictures behind a camera to take a step back and appreciate what is in front of us right here and now. So I challenge you, capture the moment, see whats around you and compliment it.

A simple compliment can make someones day…

Have I told you lately how amazing you are ? xx

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