Keeping healthy while travelling….


Keeping healthy while travelling….

I love travelling and everything that comes with it but we all know… when you’re out of your routine it’s easy to allow your health goals to slide.  I was just speaking to my sister today who is travelling a lot with work at the moment and she asked me for some easy tips to keep her on track so here are some of my top tips for travelling with work:

  1. Hydrate- bring a 2lt re-usable bottle of water with you. Ask them to fill it on the plane for you and sip on it as you fly. Now you have your water bottle measure for each day while your away. Fill it up each morning and get through your 2lt.
  2. Travel with snacks- many national flights allow you to take snack on them so for long haul flights, take some treats. I like to take some bliss balls, hummus & crackers or veggie sushi. Make your own and know what’s in your food. This will help you avoid reaching for the plane food option!
  3. While away- take 30 minutes a day to you. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you need to do a hotel workout, grab a walk or have a morning stretch. It is a great start to the day and will leave you feeling energised and ready for a productive day ahead! I have some workouts posted on here so have a look if you need some Inspo.
  4. Take snacks to the office with you. I’ve been to many a meeting where they have snacks which consist of croissants, muffins, cookies and sweet treats. If you want to avoid reaching for these come prepared and have some snacks with you- try a fruit salad, protein balls, yoghurt and granola! remembering you also have 2ltr of water to get through today!
  5. Research some local cafes and restaurants. Know what options you have around you and plan your meals in advance. I was recently on a business trip myself and found a great local cafe with healthy breakfast and take away options so I had a good breakfast and a lunch to take to the office with me! I loved it so highly recommend it.
  6. Alcohol- often on business trips we end up out for dinners, sipping wine with colleagues but if you have a goal and want to stay on track. Try avoiding wine altogether or opt for one glass of red and get a water with it so you can sip on both while keeping conversation flowing.
  7. Have fun- work hard and take some time to see some local hot spots!

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