Meet the beautiful Rachel from Yacht Yogi.

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Meet the beautiful Rachel from Yacht Yogi.

My amazing friend Rachel has been working on the yachts in Europe for the past year and she 12285581_10207333489127983_802984522_nhas found that finding a release and form of balance is essential when you are in such an environment, working at sea for weeks on end. What better way than yoga; stretching, breathing and meditating.. the perfect release! I recently caught up with Rach in Perth and we talked about her ethos, goals and what’s coming next for her, all before she jetted of too India to complete her yoga teacher training. I have followed her journey through India and I have to say it looks like an incredible experience. Rachel really captures the purity of the scenery, local culture and art of yoga through her photographs and words.  I will pass you over to Rachel so you get to know her a little better. <3 Lucy x 


I believe in obtaining the best out of every movement; living a life that is at it’s optimum.  There is no point buying a TV that doesn’t work or works on overdrive and will crash sooner, this is what we are doing in our every day lives. Our bodies and mind that we have been given, we are working them overtime or not using them to the best quality. Yoga is not just about the physical, it is a mind, body  & soul journey, you don’t need to do yoga to be a yogi ~ you just need to be on a quest for a more mindful way of life.12208276_854194528033011_5060402978108226328_n

I intend to help others find this whether its in the form of asanas and pranayama, or helping them unlearn the conditioning and social expectations that have be placed on us. I don’t even mind if I help in a form of listening over a cup of coffee.. (or green tea :P).

I have nutritional knowledge of my own experiences and research. I base my diet and teachings on clean eating and getting back to basics (working within the supper yacht industry so I do what I can to eat clean) and I love healthy cooking and baking when possible.The superyacht industry which is a high stress level job and I use yoga as my release and  I want others to join me as I find more ways to balance a lifestyle within any job description.  There are always ups and downs, life is not perfect, I want people to see this and take the journey with me to see a current yogi is not perfect but about achieving the best within myself and striving for excellence no matter what. Failure is no big deal, but failing to do your best is a big deal.  It is about doing to best in every moment and finding a balance that works for you,  your body and your lifestyle.

12309163_10207333490528018_999131155_nI aim to help others in their yoga practise, relieve stress, gain methods of practise for healthy eating, yoga, staying more present from moment to moment.

In the future I have so many ideas for where I want to take all of this, but for now, one step at a time, I am going to enjoy my journey is first :).

To follow my journey, for daily posts and to contact me check our my Yacht Yogi Facebook and Yacht Yogi Instagram.

To end on one of my favourite quotes;

“Stop worrying on what you have to lose, and start worrying about what you have to gain’

                                                                                                                                                       <3 Rachel x 


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