Sleep… there is nothing worse than getting none!!

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Sleep… there is nothing worse than getting none!!

The last week has been a busy one so turning my brain off and sleeping was a difficult thing to do but we all know.. a bad nights sleep doesn’t help anyone… we end up narky with those around us, the smallest little issues become inflated, you have dull skin and over all…. there is a little demon that comes out! (of me anyway- haha!). So some easy things I done to try switch off and relax are:

  • Breathe! This sounds easy but if you actually focus on breathing, take a step back from a situation and take 5 few deep breathes- you will feel more light hearted. Try it now!
  • Lavender- I love lavender oil- pop a few drops on your pillow, have a hot bath with a few drop in it or add a few drops to your body moisturiser as a natural relaxation aid.
  • Magnesium tablets before bed- Magnesium should be at hand for everyone,  I take mine before bed which also assists in muscle repair throughout the night so if you’re sore from a workout, magnesium is a great go to and also a natural relaxant!
  • Sleepy time tea– I am a little tea obsessed- I actually need to work on drinking less herbal tea! But I did buy ‘Twinings sleepy tea’ this week which is a camomile, orange blossom and honey based tea- delicious. Extremely soothing and its always nice to have the comfort of a warm cuppa before bed!
  • Exercise- when you’re in a stressful situation it’s easy to immerse yourself in that and focus solely on that instead of stepping back, looking at the issue from the outside and finding your own coping mechanisms. For me.. exercise is my go to! A good workout gets the muscles moving, releases endorphins, will make you feel better and if your part of a group activity- you’re guaranteed a giggle or two! And… it also tires you out a little so hopefully you slump into bed and get the sleep you need.

These were some easy- go to’s for me but if you have any tips do share.. happy sleeping zzzzzzz!

<3 Lucy xx

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