Summer is coming.. surprise!


Summer is coming.. surprise!

Do you ever have that morning when you wake up the sun is shining in your window and you realise.. oh no bikini season is almost here! I imagine every girl does.. then freaks out a little (which I have just done) and jumps straight into the gym! Well relax.. it comes every year and you do the same thing each summer no doubt so.. take a few deep breathes, tell yourself you look great and start as you mean to go on!

Some quick and easy things I have started doing is:

  • carry around a 3ltr bottle of water and make sure you drink it all in one day
  • having a bullet proof coffee each morning, a long black with a tsp of coconut oil blended. This has given me some serious morning energy and I am loving it!
  • snacks- I don’t go anywhere with out some snacks- my go-to’s are protein balls, fruit, veggie sticks!
  • plan your gym schedule and stick to it! I am a divil for aiming to please others and end up changing my own plans in place so I have decided to put a regime in place and stick to it. Other plans can be built around it.
  • avoid alcohol- we all know we should do this but for a busy working adult.. sometimes we just ‘need’ that wine! I’m not going to say avoid it all together but give it a miss on school nights and just enjoy a glass or two over the weekend.. instead of the bottle!
  • sleep- sleep is such an important element to our day which we tend to side step. I am a nightmare without sleep so it’s vital I get my 8 hours in for the sake of those around me and it’s important for you too. Allow your body time to shut off, catch up and relax. To help this- leave the laptop outside the bedroom, turn off net flicks at a certain time- do not allow for the ‘one more episode’ excuse, switch your phone to airplane mode when your in bed and put it to the side.
  • don’t be too hard on yourself. We are all our own worst critics so try giving yourself a little bit of praise every now and then. If you fall off the bandwagon- just get back on it! It’s that easy..!


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