My days with an 11 month old….


My days with an 11 month old….

A day in life with an 11 month old…

So every Thursday I look after my friends 11 month old daughter, who is a bundle of giggles!
She has just started walking so needless to say anything she sees.. she either wants to jump off!!
Note to anyone looking after a baby this age.. ALWAYS have clean floors :P!And of course the main rule that all mammy’s will tell you… fail to prepare, prepare to fail! So here is a quick snippet of how are food for the day goes!


1 slice wholemeal toast topped with avo smash, a squeeze of lemon and a of paprika with 1/2 a banana on the side.


Yoghurt with 1/2 banana and 3-4 strawberries chopped up.


A small bowl of porridge oats with banana mashed into it.

Mid day snack;

Generally a bottle!


Oven baked salmon with a little spinach leaves and 2-3 tablespoons of sweet potato mash.


Poached chicken with 2-3 baby tomatoes, boiled broccoli and cauliflower.


Oven baked salmon with 1/4 red and green pepper sliced, avocado slices.

Afternoon Nibbles;

1/4 apples sliced or 2-3 strawberries


Generally a light bite of what we are eating!

This little bub has the best appetite ever but is a growing and burns it all off with her running through the park, chasing dogs and running around our kitchen island!!

In between all the food we do get a good walk in the park in- which generally takes an hour because trying to get a baby that just learnt how to walk into a pram is a mission and.. hey she has to learn so we have the time to burn! And as her energy depletes… so does mine!! So after a day out we both get a great sleep and get ready to do it all again next week or for any mammys where it’s a daily basis.. tomorrow!!

I will be posting our food snaps each Thursday on my Instagram and if you have any foodie ideas for us let me know!!



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