Top 10 Brain Foods for Toddlers

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Top 10 Brain Foods for Toddlers

We all want to give our children he best in life and hey… Your health is your wealth. Start your kids off on the right path in life by feeding them nutritious food and getting them involved in outdoor activities. 

  1. Eggs – protein
  2. Fish-omega 3 and vitamin D
  3. Green vegetables-loaded with vitamins
  4. Yogurt-protein
  5. Nuts and seeds-protein and essential fatty acids
  6. Clean lean meat-Iron
  7. Apples-Anti oxidants
  8. Avocados-Essential fatty acids
  9. Oatmeal-Protein, helps to keep arteries clear
  10. Cauliflower –low in sugar and high in fibre 


It goes without saying that a healthy balanced diet is important for all aspects of child development; in the last few years there has been a lot of research into the benefit of omega 3 and brain development and concentration. It’s worth looking into increasing sources of omega 3 in your child’s diet. Fish is an easy way to do that, salmon or tuna are a great source of omega. Sometimes it proves difficult to get your kids to eat a fillet of fish so try our recipe section for Lucy’s fishcakes – a tried and tested. . and successful way to ‘trick’ the kids into eating fish. brain food

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