festive granola 2

Festive granola

When it comes to Christmas I am a huge fan of making homemade gifts for people (not to save me from spending hours in the shops-hee hee) but because I love the personal touch it gives to a gift and have my mother to thank for my love of this as she has brought us up with a household of festive hampe [..]


Summer is coming.. surprise!

Do you ever have that morning when you wake up the sun is shining in your window and you realise.. oh no bikini season is almost here! I imagine every girl does.. then freaks out a little (which I have just done) and jumps straight into the gym! Well relax.. it comes every year and you do the same t [..]


Bum & Tum..

I don't know about you but I love a good quick bum and tum hit! As I am travelling I have been trying to squeeze a quick session in daily- there is no excuses really as I have no solid plans with my days, this break is based around relaxing, reading books and.. enjoying a week of sunshine! That bein [..]


Day 2 in a hotel….

Hotel workout 2- abs & ass Ok.. lets do this… Repeat 3 times: 20 x squat & 1/2 squat 20 x hip thrusters 20 x singe leg kickbacks 20 x single leg pulse 40 second V hold 20 x side raise 1 min plank Quick- easy & effective! [..]


Holiday count down is on…

Holidays are a time where you want to look fit, healthy & be confident in your own skin but as we all know... this takes a lot of hard work for some of us. So, I have 6 weeks & this is my plan.... Exercise- not only do I exercise for fitness but it also makes me feel happier, more upbeat [..]