My Philosophy

Welcome to HealthyEssence!

I set up HealthyEssence in Feb 2014 and have loved the journey ever since, constantly striving to 17498436_10154705642983229_4857505233318825127_nimprove my blog and recipes and love doing this and hope you do too!

I have always had a huge interest in healthy eating and have been reared on wholesome Irish food, thanks to mammy Joan. I graduated in 2011 from 4 years studying a BSc in Culinary entrepreneurship in Cathal Brugha Street and have been in the hospitality industry ever since so in Dec 2013 I  decided to put my passion into writing and sharing recipes and that’s how healthyessence was born!

I focus my recipes on gluten and dairy free alternatives as I have problems with digesting both gluten and dairy, which is becoming an increasing problem for people in modern society. There is nothing worse than being left feeling bloated and uncomfortable after a meal and no need for it when there are plenty of alternative products on the market nowadays. I use a lot of almond, buckwheat and hazelnut flours in my cooking and find that they are far tastier than your regular glutenous flour and leave you feeling satisfied with that healthy feeling after a meal. In saying that you have to be very careful of commercial gluten-free products as more often than not they are laden with hidden fats, sugars and additives which may not bloat you but will have other effects on your body. If you are going to live a clean lifestyle you have to know what you’re putting into your body.

I create a lot of raw and vegetarian dishes as I’m not a huge meat-eater, I used to be but I just woke up one day and decided against it.. why?!?.. I don’t know! I now focus my diet on vegetables, grains, pulses and fish which is working fabulously for me. I’m not anti meat so if I did feel like a bit some day I wouldn’t say no.  Everyone knows their own bodies and if you body has a craving I would always recommend to satisfy it!

My main aim behind HealthyEssence is to show how simple and delicious healthy eating is. It extends far beyond your grilled salmon or chicken with brown rice and lettuce.. there is a variety of sauces, dips, sweet treats and juices your can make all from scratch within minutes from your own kitchen! Each will leave you feeling amazing and your body will soon be craving your raw sweet treats over your shop bought chocolates and crisps.

Happy and healthy cooking!

<3 Lucy x