Yoga at home


Yoga at home

I absolutely love yoga! In saying that.. I go in and out of phases of practising it, don’t ask me why.. I know it is something I should do religiously! I find that a good yoga practise not only stretches and relaxes the muscles, it changes your mood, relaxes your mind and allows you that time of the day to be lost in your own head space and release and tensions your holding on to! I have recently started practising yoga at home, ensuring I get at least 2 practises in a week and through doing it at home.. there is no excuses! Take 30 minutes to yourself twice a week and allow your body the gift of stretching and relaxation.

 A friend of mine, Maree Couanis is one of Perth’s leading yoga instructors (See my interview with her under Guest Interviews), and she has recently introduced me to, an amazing website where you can do a one on one yoga class from the comfort of your own home. Myyogaonline had a variety of practises available and ranging through all levels, so if you’re a beginner and thinking of trying out some yoga classes but unsure where to start I highly recommend that you start here, get a feel for what kind of practise you like and then join in some classes in your local community. 

The variety of classes is amazing, from meditation to dance and any style of yoga you can think of! I love it.. so if you want to try something new, click on the link below and it will bring you directly to the site. It is a paid sight but at only $9.95 a month for unlimited use.. it’s a winner! 

<3 Lucy x  My Yoga onlineMy Yoga online

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