Travelling & working out… easier said than done!


Travelling & working out… easier said than done!

I am currently travelling and while doing so attempting some quick 20 minute bedroom workouts to keep me someway on track and help burn off all the cocktails I have drank!! While on holidays and all that… :). So if you’re on the move with work or leisure here is a quick 20 minute full body workout you can easily do- it will only take 20 minutes out of your day and mind over matter… you can do this!!

Turn the music on full blast, grab a towel & grab a water.. lets go! 

Round 1, complete each round 3 times:

20 x squats

20 x single leg lunges

10 x squat jumps

Round 2, complete each round 3 times:

12 x press ups (on your toes if you can)

12 x tricep dips, using the side of your bed or a chair

20 x arm pulses each way, holding your arms straight out to your side, at shoulder height and pulsing

1 minute hold- hold. your arms out straight from your shoulders to your side for 60 seconds.

Round 3, complete each round 3 times: 

20 x full sit ups

20 x leg raises

1 minute plank

This is a quick full body hit, I’ll post an arms and abs one shortly. Bearing in mind I am not a fitness professional! Just into a healthy lifestyle and figured this may help if you’re struggling while travelling so if you have any injuries or tender areas you know won’t work with the above workout modify it for your needs :).

<3 Lucy xx


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