chickpeas chilli

Quick & easy chickpeas chilli

Janurary is here and meat free month is under way! This recipe is whipped up from the scraps of food left in the cupboard as the thoughts of going to the shops at the minute are killing me although.. I really must go tomorrow!! This is a high protein veggie option as chickpeas are a great source [..]

chickpeas curry

Potato & Chickpeas curry

We had some potatoes left over from last night and I figured what would make a good seasonal dish so whipped up a quick curry. I always have chickpeas, some spices & coconut cream in the cupboard so this couldn't have been easier. You can substitute in your cupboard stables! [..]


Roasted cauliflower & tahini dressing

This roasted cauliflower is one of the best veggie dishes I have made.. I think! It was super delicious as a main meal at a dinner party I recently had and is super easy to whip up! [..]

veggie tartlet

Roast vegetable & feta tartlet

This quick & easy tartlet is the perfect light lunch and can be whipped up in minutes. We had it for a group lunch when all I had in the fridge was veggies & it was delicious so I hope you like it as much!! Size can be adjusted as you please as it's based on your puff pastry lining really [..]

curried noodles

Curried noodle soup

This quick and easy recipe is an easy go to for when you want a comforting healthy meal option. This is whipped up in ten minutes and is the perfect light yet comfort meal.  I used soba noodles but you can try it with rice noodles too and it will be just as good! Top with some salmon, white fish or [..]

zuchinni & carrot fritters

10 minute Zuchinni & corn fritters

This is a quick throw together recipe that can be whipped up in less than 10 minutes. These fritters are a perfect protein kick after a workout, as a lunch options for the kiddies,as an on the go breakfast option, make a great brunch served with a green salad, feta and poached egg on top. You wil [..]

braised eggplant

Spiced braised egg plant (aubergine)

I love eggplant!! Such a tasty vegetable when cooked right and this quick braising method couldn't be easier!! It will be done from start to finish in less than 15 minutes, is the perfect side dish to any meal, we had ours with some spiced pork and carrot salad tonight and it was delicious! It would [..]


Tummy lovin soup!

My tummy has been acting up this week and anyone who knows me that me being unable to eat is a recipe for disaster :P.  I've been keeping meals light, natural and vegetarian the past 2 days to keep it light on the body and this soup today was whipped up from what I had in the fridge but was super t [..]


Pad Thai- the ultimate fake away!

I had the biggest craving for Pad Thai all weekend and finally kicked it with this quick and easy homemade one. Rice noodles have to be one of the easiest things to work with and one of my favourite foods- I know they have basically no flavour but i love the soft texture (weird I know! :P). I jus [..]


Warm potato salad

This salad was a result of a 'whats in the house for dinner' moment. Potatoes are a staple in our house- classic Irish! And the rest is made up of fridge wonders. It's super easy, quick and hits the spot- perfect for a dinner party or to have cold as a picnic offering- spring is upon us here in Pert [..]