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Super easy cauliflower & spinach curry

This quick curry is so easy to whip up, super tasty and nutritious so what's not to love :P!! A spicy, creamy curry loaded with iron, antioxidants and vegan friendly is my kind of meal and proved a crowd pleaser in my house, where.. a meal is not a meal without meat!!  This makes enough for 2-4 [..]


Nourishing noodle soup

This soup is so easy, super nourishing, light and absolutely delicious! This can be whipped up in 10 minutes and makes the perfect  light meal for the cooler nights in. I spiralise the zuchinni (courgette) and carrot, if you don't have a spiraliser simply take a potato peeler and grate lengthway [..]

savoury pancakes

Savoury Asian style pancake

I absolutely love Asian flavours- the freshness of the herbs used, the spiced infusions with a dash of chilli added to your meal and of course the use of coconut!! These pancakes are easy to whip up, loaded with flavour and make the prefect lunch option instead of a wrap. I have added some grated [..]


Chicken, herb & kale meat balls

I am on the go at the moment so am in need of some quick snack I can grab and run with or pop in the freezer to pull out for dinner and these little meat balls are delicious, full of lean protein and.. very tasty! I whipped these p from start to finish in 30 minutes while I had suits on the lapto [..]


Butternut Squash Falafels

These are little pieces of heaven. Loaded with protein they are quick, easy to make and a nutritious on the go snack or lunch option. The butternut squash adds that extra hint of sweetness and point of difference than your standard falafel and I have to say I love it! You will need a food process [..]


Stuffed Mushroom & Herb quinoa

This dish is one of my favourite to date. It can be whipped up in 20 minutes and is super tasty. This is a great balanced dish of protein, carbs and fats and is an extremely tasty vegetarian option for those who don;t eat meat or meat free Mondays! Quinoa can be found in your local health stor [..]


Chicken and Veggie Bake- one pot wonder

This one pot wonder was the perfect family dish for over Christmas when we were all feeling abit heavy from the over indulgence of chocolate, wine and all the other treats associated with Christmas.. it's only once a year after all!! The perfect balance of protein, carb and fat this is a balanced [..]

pork meat sung

Pork Meat Sung

After a month off and being at home with my family over Christmas it's safe to say I am in need of a serious detox and lean diet to shift the added lbs from the festive season. This meat sung can be whipped up in 15 minutes and is super easy! Serve it with some iceberg lettuce and steamed veggies or [..]


Pumpkin & spinach coconut curry

As I'm preparing to head back to Ireland for Christmas I am working on some nice veggie curries to introduce the family too and this has proved a hit! This is so quick to whip up, loaded with flavour and deliciously creamy so the perfect dinner for a cold night by the fire with a vino in hand :P. [..]


Pumpkin and Aubergine Satay

This dish is comfort in a bowl, creamy, delicious with a kick of spice.. this is my kind of food! It can be whipped up in 30 minutes, will serve 5-6 people (depending on the size of your appetite :P) and heats well the next day so no waste! You can mix up your veggies and chuck in a few extras if [..]