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Vegan chilli- hot hot & spicy!!!

The beautiful Deb requested a vegan chilli so we have her to thank for this creation. This is a quick and easy meal that can be whipped up in 30 minutes. Loaded with protein this is the perfect vegan dish for us gym junkies seeking a balanced meal of protein and carbs. I served this with basmati [..]

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Spinach & Feta stuffed Mushrooms

These little gems are so easy to make and make the perfect main meal or side for a veggie meal. I whipped these up for a number of guests at our recent yoga retreat in Bunker Bay and they absolutely loved them so it only seemed fare to share the recipe :P. Super easy and quick these work perfectl [..]

Fish pie

Sweet potato + fish pie

Thank you Laura for bringing it to my attention that this was missing from my new site! I love this recipe so looking forward to making it again soon! The photo to go with it is so old but I'll update it soon :).. maybe even tonight actually, I wouldn't mind some fish pie for dinner! I love all t [..]


Sweet & Sour Sauce

Nothings beats a good homemade sweet and sour sauce that doesn't leave you feeling yuck and suffering a sugar over load! I'm sure most of us associate sweet and sour sauce with a Chinese take away but ditch the takeaways and get cooking. Not only will you feel all the better after a homemade meal bu [..]

chickpea korma

Chickpea Korma

This delicious creamy curry is loaded with flavour and the perfect dish for a Saturday night in. I arrived home to a big pot of this awaiting me after a busy day in work so I have my better half (as he likes to think of himself) to thank for this recipe! Ditch your takeaway this weekend and whip [..]

Vegan Meat balls

Vegan ‘meat balls’

Since coming back from holidays I have been on a huge detox loaded with veggies, nuts, fruit and seeds. These balls are so easy to make and loaded with flavour so all the family will love them! They are also very cost effective making them the perfect family dinner.   Chickpeas are an [..]


Orange and sesame glazed carrots

Carrots are a perfect side to any main dish, they are readily available, value for money and loaded with Vitamin A beta carotene promoting healthy skin, hair, nails and as we all know carrots for- nigh vision! So ensure you incorporate them into yours and your families diet. These can be whipped [..]