Broccoli salad with creamy tahini dressing

broccoli and tahini salad

Broccoli salad with creamy tahini dressing

Broccoli is my favourite vegetable; loaded with vitamin C it makes for the perfect addition to any meal. This salad is a delicious mix of flavours, super easy to whip up and loaded with goodness. We all know we should ‘eat our greens’ and I am constantly looking at different ways to incorporate them into my diet and this 10 minute salad is the perfect grab and go lunchbox salad or side dish to a main protein. This recipe will feed 4 people as part of a side salad or 2 for a main dish.

Tip;  When I am cooking with broccoli I always keep the stalks to juice them as part of my green juice for the following morning or you can thinly slice the stalks and saute it into a stir fry!


1. Pop your broccoli stalks into a medium pan and bring to the boil for 6 minutes until al dente. Once cooked strain and pop straight into an ice bath (bowl loaded with ice and some cold water) to cool, this allows the broccoli to cool quickly, retain its colour and keep its crunchy texture.

2. As the broccoli cooks simply pop all your ingredients for your dressing into a sealed jar and shake.

3. Pop your broccoli in a large serving bowl, sprinkle with your toasted seeds, chilli flakes, lemon slices and drizzle of tahini dressing.

4. Serve and enjoy!
* 1 large head of broccoli florets, (retain the stalk for juicing if you fancy)
* Tahini dressing;
* 2 heaped tbsp of tahini
* 2 tbsp of olive oil
* juice of 1/2 lemon
* 1 tsp of paprika
* 1 tbsp of honey
* salt & pepper, to season
* To serve;
* sprinkling of chilli flakes
* sprinkling of toasted seeds
* lemon slices
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