Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day and as clichĂ© as I sound ‘the most important’. Kick starting your metabolism after a night sleep is essential for our brain and body function and how you choose to feed that energy will determine your energy levels and mood throughout the day so make smart choices :).

tomato chutney

Easy Tomato Chutney

I love tomato chutney and making a quick homemade ones allows you to avoid any excess sugars, salts and nothing beast knowing exactly whats in your food! And with Christmas just around the corner.. this will make the perfect gift, add it to a cheese platter on Christmas day or serve with your full b [..]


Coconut & Berry Bircher

The silly season is here and if you are anything like me- you will be eating everything in sight & using the line 'ah sure- it's christmas!' so to keep you on track I recommend having some quick grab & go options at hand. This bircher couldn't be easier & makes a delicious breakfast afte [..]

beetroot dip 1

Seeded Crackers

These couldn't be easier to whip up, are loaded with omegas and a delicious snack with some dip! Check out some of my easy & delicious dips. [..]

festive granola 2

Festive granola

When it comes to Christmas I am a huge fan of making homemade gifts for people (not to save me from spending hours in the shops-hee hee) but because I love the personal touch it gives to a gift and have my mother to thank for my love of this as she has brought us up with a household of festive hampe [..]

spelt bread

Wholemeal Spelt Bread

This one bowl wonder is super quick & east to whip up and.... who doesn't love the smell of fresh bread in the house! Topped with some pesto, parma ham & parmesan this makes a delicious lunch! I'm trialing a olive & sundried tomato bread by adding 2 tbsp of chopped sundried tomato, [..]

Version 2

Rumour has it….Santa is going healthy this year…..

These cookies are super easy to whip up, loaded with natural protein, low sugar and a delicious grab and go snack! Whipped up in less than 10 minutes they couldn't be easier :). These cookies will last for up to 5 days in an airtight container in the fridge. I get 8 cookies from this batch :). [..]

bullet proof coffee

My morning coffee…

I was never huge on coffee but have recently grown to LOVE it, I know the jury is out as to whether it is healthy for you or not but look.. if it works for you I reckon.. go for it! I have recently started having a version of the bullet proof coffee. I simply make a long black, pop in a teaspoon of [..]

seeded bread

Oat & seed bread

You may have seen this pop up a lot on my Instagram lately and that's because it's super easy, delicious and the perfect breakfast option. Loaded with seeds it is naturally high in protein, fibre & omegas so.. what better way to start the day! This can be stored in an airtight container in the f [..]


Almost raw carrot cake

Who doesn't love a big mug of hot tea or coffee along side a slice of carrot cake?? I love sweet treats and am always looking at how to create a healthier option to my favourite treats. This 'almost raw carrot cake' is loaded with protein, fibre & good fats so it's a guilt free treat (at least t [..]


Quick & easy vegan pancakes

These pancakes have proved a huge hit over the past few weeks when I had guests and are so delicious!! All you need to do is pop all base ingredients into a blender, cook & choose your toppings... they are that easy! [..]