Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day and as cliché as I sound ‘the most important’. Kick starting your metabolism after a night sleep is essential for our brain and body function and how you choose to feed that energy will determine your energy levels and mood throughout the day so make smart choices :).

bullet proof coffee

My morning coffee…

I was never huge on coffee but have recently grown to LOVE it, I know the jury is out as to whether it is healthy for you or not but look.. if it works for you I reckon.. go for it! I have recently started having a version of the bullet proof coffee. I simply make a long black, pop in a teaspoon of [..]

seeded bread

Oat & seed bread

You may have seen this pop up a lot on my Instagram lately and that's because it's super easy, delicious and the perfect breakfast option. Loaded with seeds it is naturally high in protein, fibre & omegas so.. what better way to start the day! This can be stored in an airtight container in the f [..]


Almost raw carrot cake

Who doesn't love a big mug of hot tea or coffee along side a slice of carrot cake?? I love sweet treats and am always looking at how to create a healthier option to my favourite treats. This 'almost raw carrot cake' is loaded with protein, fibre & good fats so it's a guilt free treat (at least t [..]


Quick & easy vegan pancakes

These pancakes have proved a huge hit over the past few weeks when I had guests and are so delicious!! All you need to do is pop all base ingredients into a blender, cook & choose your toppings... they are that easy! [..]

banana and walnut spelt

Wholemeal banana bread

I love banana bread and and always experimenting with recipes for it and this one is a clear winner- it is moist, full of flavour and super easy to whip up. This is a dairy free, refined sugar free option to your traditional banana bread so.. surely it's ok to have an extra slice per serve :P (so I [..]

zuchinni & carrot fritters

10 minute Zuchinni & corn fritters

This is a quick throw together recipe that can be whipped up in less than 10 minutes. These fritters are a perfect protein kick after a workout, as a lunch options for the kiddies,as an on the go breakfast option, make a great brunch served with a green salad, feta and poached egg on top. You wil [..]


Seriously crunchy nut free granola

This flax crunch is the perfect topping to yoghurt, porridge, a smoothie bowl or as I just done.. eaten out of the jar with a spoon! It's super crunchy and adds a delicious texture to any meal. Loaded with good fats, omegas, antioxidants & fibre it'e the perfect way to awaken the body in the [..]


Cocao & Tahini ‘ice cream’

This is my latest go to for my daily sweet fix! The sweetness from the banana is cut through by the savoury flavours of the tahini- super yummy! High in antioxidants with the raw cocao, high in good fats from tahini and banana and naturally sweetened with banana and a dash of coconut water- it kicks [..]


Hash browns

Who doesn't love a good hash brown- these are super quick & easy to make, can me made in batch and are not your standard deep fat fried hash brown. I whipped these up this morning when I had very little food in the house- topped them with some spinach, a dollop of hummus and half an avo.. so goo [..]

banana, date & almond

Banana, date & almond bread

This bread is one of my favourites! It is more of a bread texture than cakey texture you would expect from a banana bread but it is super yum! Loaded with potassium, fibre and nut protein this is a great way to kickstart the day. I generally toast mine and ladden it with nut butter, adding good [..]