My morning coffee…

bullet proof coffee

My morning coffee…

I was never huge on coffee but have recently grown to LOVE it, I know the jury is out as to whether it is healthy for you or not but look.. if it works for you I reckon.. go for it! I have recently started having a version of the bullet proof coffee. I simply make a long black, pop in a teaspoon of coconut oil and add a dash of raw honey for sweetness, pop in a blender and blitz. You end up with a foamy coffee which has a hint of coconut too it… delicious right! The traditional bullet proof coffee is with ghee and brain octane oil- a triglyceride oil which is 6 times stronger than coconut oil but I always have coconut oil in the cupboard so just use a cold pressed organic one in place.

Now you may be sitting there thinking why would someone put oil in their coffee and this is a fair question but ‘don’t diss is it ’til you try it’.¬†

It will:

  • boost your metabolism, in turn giving you more energy and aiding fat burn (winning!)
  • increase brain function- the bioflavins in coffee can speed up brain function and make you more alert.
  • lasting energy- the slow release of caffeine and combination of coconut oil into the body will supply you with a slow release of energy to the body and brain. Allowing you to stay fuller for longer, more alert and.. overall be a more pleasant human to be around!

So if you do enjoy your morning flat white- ditch it and give this a go!

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