Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day and as cliché as I sound ‘the most important’. Kick starting your metabolism after a night sleep is essential for our brain and body function and how you choose to feed that energy will determine your energy levels and mood throughout the day so make smart choices :).


Cocao & raspberry chia pudding.. yum!!

I am on the go with work at the moment so breakfast is always a grab and go so what better than a chia pudding!! Rich, creamy and delicious I find this a winner all the time. People argue on the fat content of coconut milk and there is no denying that but hey.. I don;t mind a bit of fat in my diet a [..]


Irish Soda Bread

This is a family favourite in ours! Having a healthier alternative to the traditional Irish soda loaf we all grew up on is amazing and this recipe is so easy to whip up you'll never look back! The jury is out on weather spelt is a gluten free option so if you have sever gluten intolerances please [..]


Sticky Granola Clusters

We always have a jar of homemade granola in our cupboard and this recipe is a hit! Loaded with natural nut protein, natural sweetness, good fats and omega this is the perfect way to start the day. Pair it with some natural or coconut yoghurt, some fresh fruits and your day is off to a great start [..]


Vanilla Chia porridge

Winter is approaching on the Northern Hemisphere and it's vital to fuel your body with the right foods to keep you healthy throughout the cooler months and fight off any nasties. This is comfort in a bowl and a great way to kick start your day, a balance of slow releasing carbohydrates, omegas and n [..]

IMG_0670 (2)

Spinach & Feta stuffed Mushrooms

These little gems are so easy to make and make the perfect main meal or side for a veggie meal. I whipped these up for a number of guests at our recent yoga retreat in Bunker Bay and they absolutely loved them so it only seemed fare to share the recipe :P. Super easy and quick these work perfectl [..]


Wholemeal spelt pancakes

I adore pancakes and think they are the one of the worlds best inventions, super easy to whip up, a good source of protein and easily adaptable to suit your flavour of the day. I topped this base recipe with savoury items and if you haven't went down the savoury pancake route yet.. now is the time!! [..]


Coconut & Vanilla Bircher

Bircher has become one of my favourite breakfasts and it is super easy to make! Simple, loaded with energy, omegas and antioxidants from your fresh berries it is the perfect way to start the day. The joy of this is that it is the perfect grab and go breakfast for the early morning riser or busy work [..]


Zuchinni Fritatta

I have teamed up with the beautiful team at F45 Scarborough to bring you a recipe of the week to help keep with some kitchen inspo so here is Weel 1's recipe! It's no secret that maintaining a healthy diet involves preparation, designate a few hours at the beginning of the week or on a Sunday to [..]


Red Pepper Relish

I am a huge fan of relish and to be honest.. it's something I never make! I have no idea why not- it's so easy to whip up and makes the perfect gift for any foodie too! This is a no fuss, easy red pepper relish which is the perfect addition to any meal. We pop it on our egg dishes, serve it with [..]


Zuchinni Fritters

Zuchinni fritters have to be one of my all time favourite breakfast- snack or on the go lunches as they are so quick to whip up, tasty as hell,can be eaten hot or cold and are a great quick protein source as a post workout grab and go,so what's not to love! These are a perfect snack for children [..]