Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day and as cliché as I sound ‘the most important’. Kick starting your metabolism after a night sleep is essential for our brain and body function and how you choose to feed that energy will determine your energy levels and mood throughout the day so make smart choices :).

baked banana oatmeal

Baked Banana Bread Oatmeal

This is the perfect breakfast treat, loaded with flavour- moist and it feels like your eating cake for breakfast! What more could you want. Loaded with potassium, low GI and vegan this is such a treat! [..]

Banana pancakes

Guilt free pancakes with peanut butter & banana

Pancakes are my weekend favourite but with this recipe you will have them any day of the week, guilt free- quick and tasty! I use peanut butter and grilled banana as a topping for this batch but mix it up to your favourite flavours! [..]


Quick and easy pancakes

This recipe is the quickest and easiest pancake recipe yet and super delicious. I whipped these up as a post gym snack to have something different in place of porridge or eggs and they proved a hit! They make the perfect weekend brunch or beat the mid week hump and get up half an hour earlier to [..]


Antioxidant porridge

If you follow me on instagram you must already know that I am porridge obsessed- summer or winter I just love tucking into a bowl of steaming hot porridge. This bowl of heart warming berry loaded porridge is one to get on the breakfast menu and for anyone who has a little girl your sure to get them [..]

IMG_8066 (2)

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Who doesn't love a good smoothie bowl- especially when the flavours are so fruity all you want to do is sing "put the lime in the coconut..."! This fruit mix is the perfect way to kick start the day and will definitely put a spring in your step!   [..]


Orange & poppy seed loaf

This is one of my favourite childhood cakes and I was determined to re-create a healthier alternative to the original one I remember so well! This is super quick to whip up but does require some cooking time so be patient, plan ahead and hey.. pour yourself a mug of green tea and relax while it bake [..]


Superfood ‘chocolate’ porridge

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day and what better way to start it that with a 'chocolate' rich breakfast! What makes it so much better is.. it's loaded with health foods :P. a great way of tricking the kids into getting their antioxidant fix into them or.. fussy partners! I am a po [..]

Fruit platter

The Importance of Breakfast

It's no myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body has been at rest for hours while you sleep, using up energy and digesting any food in your system. As a result when you wake up you need to cleanse the body and then replenish your energy levels. Always have a healthy, well [..]