Sweet Treats


Peanut protein cookies

These 4 ingredient cookies couldn't be easier. They are an easy snack to kick the 3pm sweet cravings. Even though they are a healthy alternative to your standard cookie they are quiet fat heavy & contain sugar. Peanut butter is a high fat option but a good fat when taken in moderation, coconut s [..]

Version 2

Rumour has it….Santa is going healthy this year…..

These cookies are super easy to whip up, loaded with natural protein, low sugar and a delicious grab and go snack! Whipped up in less than 10 minutes they couldn't be easier :). These cookies will last for up to 5 days in an airtight container in the fridge. I get 8 cookies from this batch :). [..]


Mocha protein balls

You can't beat a quick protein ball and what better mix than cocoa & coffee.. 2 of my favourite things! These are super quick, easy and don't contain a lot of ingredients so get the blender out and give it a whizz! Note: I keep mine in the freezer in an airtight container as a grab and go opt [..]


Quick & easy vegan pancakes

These pancakes have proved a huge hit over the past few weeks when I had guests and are so delicious!! All you need to do is pop all base ingredients into a blender, cook & choose your toppings... they are that easy! [..]


Sesame bars

These sesame bars are quick, easy & super delicious. I have them in the freezer at the minute as a grab & go option for my morning workouts and I love them!! Loaded with goodness they are a great energy bar or snack option loaded with protein, fibre & natural sugar. These can be mould [..]

raw truffles

Raw truffles- that taste like ferrero rocher!

These were whipped up by accident but taste too delicious not to share this quick and east recipe. The secret behind the ferrero flavour is from the Mayvers cocao superseed spread so if you can't find this use another cocao nut butter and please do let me know how you go and which one you used so ot [..]

superfood bliss balls

superfood bliss balls

These quick and easy superfood bliss balls are a mix of all the good things in the press (cupboard for the non-Irish). Loaded with antioxidants, fibre and nut protein these are so tasty, quick and nutritious! [..]

banana and walnut spelt

Wholemeal banana bread

I love banana bread and and always experimenting with recipes for it and this one is a clear winner- it is moist, full of flavour and super easy to whip up. This is a dairy free, refined sugar free option to your traditional banana bread so.. surely it's ok to have an extra slice per serve :P (so I [..]


Choco-mint paleo balls

These quick and easy paleo balls are crunchy, sweetened with natural sugar, loaded with protein, fibre & antioxidants so the perfect grab and go treat! I whipped these up in less than 10 minutes so.. there is no excuses! They will last for up to a week in the fridge in an airtight container or p [..]


Cocao & Tahini ‘ice cream’

This is my latest go to for my daily sweet fix! The sweetness from the banana is cut through by the savoury flavours of the tahini- super yummy! High in antioxidants with the raw cocao, high in good fats from tahini and banana and naturally sweetened with banana and a dash of coconut water- it kicks [..]