Sweet Treats


Goji berry choco bites

Christmas is that time of year where we all tend to reach for the chocolate treats without a second thought... well I do anyway :P. This year I have the fridge loaded with healthier options and I am adamant I will avoid eating the 2 toblerones, 3 boxes of lindt chocolates and box of celebrations I h [..]


Crunchy chocolate cookies

These are an easy, crunchy healthy cookie so.. perfect for santa :P! They are super easy to whip up with all ingredients been thrown in the processor and the batch can be made in advance and frozen s if you have a spare 5 minutes prior to the 'silly season' kicking off get the hard work done so you [..]


Vegan chocolate sauce

This week has been a week of some seriously good food- wine and all delicious things.. one of them being this chocolate sauce! This is super easy to whip up- only contains 3 ingredients and is vegan friendly. Not the most calorie conscious sauce but.. who cares :P. [..]


Raw Chocolate Mousse Cake

This chocolate cake is so delicious, it can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes and is the perfect dinner party dessert. Loaded with antioxidants, omegas, protein & fibre this is the perfect guilt free treat.. for those who love a 'real' dessert they will never know the difference.. a tried an [..]

raw caramel tart

Raw salted caramel tart

I am so so happy to have a laptop to blog on again!! Sorry I was MIA for a while but this is a great one to start back recipe creating on! This raw salted caramel tart is so good you will find it hard to eat any other sweet treat.. or maybe that's just me :P. It can be whipped up from start to finis [..]

IMG_9049 (2)

Almond, date & cinnamon butter

Home made nut butters are.. the business! This is luscious, sweet with a hint of spice from the cinnamon and reminds me of Christmas.. who doesn't love Christmas :P.. even if it is only May :P. I love nut butter spread on fresh bread, added to my porridge or.. to eat out of the jar! This will kee [..]

nut free caramel slice

Nut free caramel slice

A caramel slice is by far one of my favourite sweet treats and having a raw version in the freezer is a must in my house :P. This is a modified version of my raw caramel slice that is nut free! Perfect for the kiddies school lunch boxes, allergens and using oats as a basis makes it alot more economi [..]

chocolate fudge bar

Chocolate & peanut butter fudge bars

This super easy 'fudge' bar is perfect as an on to go snack. Loaded with nut protein, natural fats and antioxidant is the perfect treat to grab and run. These can be whipped up in ten minutes and will last for up to 3 months in the freezer (I'd be very surprised if you haven't demolished them after [..]


Chocolate fondant

This is the ultimate treat with the added bonus of not being completely guilty :P. Loaded with antioxidants this gluten & dairy free dessert is the perfect finish to a meal for a romantic night in.. or just because you feel like treating yourself! You can make this in advance and leave it in [..]


Double chocolate almost raw caramel slice!

This slice feels so indulgent and luscious you won't be able to stop yourself from eating it (well I can't stop myself even though it's quiet filling!). It can be whipped up in 20 minutes and will last forever in the freezer so I like to make it as a go to treat when I need to kick the sweet craving [..]