Sweet Treats


White chocolate and cranberry bark

This chocolate bark was the perfect addition to our Christmas sweet collection! It is the perfect alternative when it comes to hitting that sweet craving and you don;t want to face plant a box of Roses or Quality Street :P. The main benefit of making your own treat is knowing what is going into your [..]


Not so healthyessence cheesecake

This cake is not for the faint hearted! It is rich, creamy loaded with fat and absolutely delicious!! As any cheesecake is :P! I whipped this up for the boys last night shift in work and it went down a treat. It is an indulgent treat and one which the family will love over the Christmas period— [..]

Ice cream with raw caramel

Banana Ice Cream

Coming into the 'silly season' it's important to have a back up plan for sweet treats and my go to is always a quick banana icecream. This is one the whole family will love and you can play with your flavours so the sky is the limit :). Loaded with potassium and naturally sweet this is the perfec [..]


Gooey guilt free brownie

Chocolate lovers.. this one is for you. Gooey chocolate brownie topped with sweet raspberries and crunchy walnuts, it really is one you can't say no too. I know I always say this but.. this could be my best creation yet- bearing in mind I am slightly biased :P. Loaded with good fats,antioxidants [..]

IMG_8879 (2)

Raw chocolate & salted caramel brownie

These little babies are a favourite of mine, I probably devour have the mix while I'm 'taste testing' as I'm making them. To be fare, they are quiet filling! Loaded with omegas, protein and antioxidants these are a great way to boost your energy when you hit the afternoon slump. They only take [..]


Spiced Pumpkin Pie

I love Halloween and the seasonal sweet treats that comes with it! It is obligatory to have your hand in the bowl of sweets, scoffing toffee apples and faceplanting a slab of chocolate (or is that only me?!?) but don't worry- I have healthy versions on offer for you! Check out my Raw chocolate s [..]


Chocolate Mousse

Looking for a healthy chocolate dessert that packs a punch without all the added nasties.. look no further! This chocolate mousse is light, rich in flavour and I promise if you make it for a dinner party- they won't notice the difference :P! Loaded with good fats, omega and antioxidants this is t [..]

raw caramel slice 1

Raw Caramel-Peanut Slice

This raw caramel-peanut slice of one of my favourite slices yet (although I'm pretty sure I say that about all of them!). It's super quick to whip up-it involves alot of blending and cleaning your processor, but won't let you down on taste! Loaded with nut protein, natural sweetness and antioxidants [..]

Lemon & poppy Seed

Lemon & poppy seed slice

This is one of my childhood favourite cakes so I had to recreate a guilt free version and thankfully I nailed it. Loaded with nuts and seeds this is high in fibre. loaded with good fats and low GI. Give it a try and you won't regret it.. I promise! This recipe is super easy.   [..]

choco chip cookies

Chocolate Chip & coconut cookies

I was craving cookies today so whipped up this batch of gooey sweet sensations! Gluten, dairy & sugar free these are the perfect lunch box treat for kids! And.. how amazing is it that cocao has been announced as one of the worlds newest superfoods... I knew there was always a reason I loved i [..]