Sweet Treats

baked banana 3

Baked Banana with chocolate & peanut butter

This dessert is quick- healthy(ish) and bursting with flavour! The hot smooth baked banana topped with creamy peanut butter is a perfect combination and then the burst of dark chocolate.... yummmmmm! A perfect treat for the kids too! This recipe makes 1 banana so just multiply as needed! [..]


Raw Nut & Fruit Bark

One of my all time favourite recipes, crunchy, chewy smooth chocolate to tuck into as a treat but with the added benefit of it being loaded with antioxidants, good fats and protein.. what's not to love! I am so relieved that cocao has been named one of the world's latest superfoods, it just makes [..]


Vegan double chocolate Brownie

Moist- smooth- deeelicious vegan brownie.. Yes please!! This brownie is super moist with a soft texture, I love soft food (weirdo, I know :P), it is super easy to make, low in fat and perfect for any one with allergies as it ticks all the boxes; Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Vegan [..]


Orange & poppy seed loaf

This is one of my favourite childhood cakes and I was determined to re-create a healthier alternative to the original one I remember so well! This is super quick to whip up but does require some cooking time so be patient, plan ahead and hey.. pour yourself a mug of green tea and relax while it bake [..]


Raw chocolate and coconut brownie

This brownie is the ultimate raw treat! Topped with a chocolate fudge icing [caption id="attachment_3823" align="alignright" width="300"] Raw chocolate & coconut brownie[/caption] it is the perfect treat for any chocolate lover. Loaded with natural protein from your nuts, antioxidants f [..]